Branded and private label forged wheel manufacturing in the UK

All of our forged wheels are made in our own UK based factory from concept to realization.  As well as our own branded product, we also manufacture for a number of prestigious private label brands worldwide.

Our highly trained engineers to have complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process and gives us extremely quick reaction times to market demands.

With a capacity up to 24″ 1pc forged and 26″ 3pc forged, there are very few competitors that can match our flexibility.

Unlike cast wheels, there is no minimum order quantity with forged wheels – if you just need one wheel as a prototype, we can do it!

Branded and private label cast wheel manufacturing in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

We manufacture our cast and forged wheels at carefully selected facilities in either Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia or China.  Each location has it’s own particular strengths depending on the size, anticipated volume, MOQ, finish required, casting technique and type of market the wheel is aimed at.  All these factors are taken into consideration when commissioning a mold at any given facility.